UGA Regulatory Affairs Masters Program - Sample Syllabi

Master's of Science

Sample Syllabi

STUDENT WARNING: These course syllabi are from a previous semesters and serve only as a preparatory reference. You may use these syllabi as references until the professor distributes or opens the online classroom and you have access to updated course syllabi. Please do NOT purchase any books or start any work based on these syllabi. These syllabi may NOT be the ones that your instructors use for the courses that have not yet started. The instructors reserve the right to alter the information contained within these documents. These syllabi are proprietary material of the UGA Regulatory Affairs Program.

All courses are taught online.

Sample Syllabi
PHAR 6010E - Intro 6010 Syllabus PHAR 6200E - CT 6200 Syllabus
PHAR 6020E - Law 6020 Syllabus PHAR 6210E - CT PM 6210 Syllabus
PHAR 6030E - GMP 6030 Syllabus PHAR 6320E - FDA 6320 Syllabus
PHRM 7230E - Ethics 7230 Syllabus PHAR 6800E - Project 6800 Syllabus
PHAR 6100E - QC QA 6100 Syllabus PHAR 6900E - Intern 6900 Syllabus
PHAR 6120E - PC & V 6120 Syllabus PHAR 7100E - Biostats 7100 Syllabus
PHAR 6130E -Submissions 6130 Syllabus No syllabi available for PHAR 6950E, PHRM 7000 and PHRM 7300