Program Application: UGA Regulatory Affairs Masters Program

Program Application and Additional Information

Applying to the Masters of Science Program is a two-step process.

You will need to submit the department application (step one) and an application to the UGA Graduate School (step two). Select this link to access a PDF document that summarizes the application process for the University of Georgia’s BioPharma Regulatory Affairs Graduate Programs. You may wish to print this. As a summary document, it is NOT all inclusive. For the detailed instructions, use this page as your reference.

If you are an existing Certificate Student or have received your Regulatory Affairs Program Certificate from our program and are considering transitioning to the MS program, please click here.

Be sure to start this process at least 6 months prior to the deadline to assure that materials are received by the deadline. All materials must be received by the deadline. We will consider only complete applications.

Click here for information on the Graduate Records Examination (GRE).

Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Masters of Science Program Application

This application is for the Masters Program only.

  1. The Program Application is a supplemental department application specific to the MS Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Program.
  2. Admissions decisions will be made only on completed files.
  3. The applicant is responsible for scheduling his/her interview with the department and assuring the interview is scheduled PRIOR to the deadline.
  4. The Department deadlines take precedence over the UGA Graduate School deadline.
  5. Deadlines: Applications for admission and all supporting documents(including all Graduate School Application materials) must be received in the Regulatory Affairs Office by:

    Domestic Applicants
    Fall Semester June 1
    Spring Semester November 1
    International Applicants
    Fall Semester April 15
    Spring Semester October 15

  6. Applicant will also need to submit a University of Georgia Graduate School Application and supply the necessary information to Graduate School. This is a separate application process. The web address for UGA's Graduate School is Be sure to note that you are a degree seeking candidate.
    • The Major Code for Thesis option is MS_PHRM_GWON (Thesis)
    • The Major Code for the Project option MS_PHRM_GWNT (Non-Thesis)

  7. Directions on completing the Department form:
    This form has been created in Adobe Acrobat. You will need Adobe Reader in order to view and print it. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you may fill out this form on your computer, save it, print it, and mail it in with the other requested information. Do not email this application to the department for security reasons. Emailed applications will not be considered.



Masters of Science Degree

getform FORM: Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Masters of Science Application form (in PDF format). Form requires Adobe Reader.
These forms are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Reader program to view and fill out. If you wish to save the contents for the fields and the document, you will need the full Adobe Acrobat package. acrobat reader

Mailing Instructions: The supplemental Regulatory Affairs Department Application materials must be sent to the address below. Use the entire address. If you fail to use the entire address, your materials may be delayed. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us receive your materials as quickly as possible.

Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Program
The University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus
2530 Sever Road, Suite 100
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043-4005

Important notes:

  1. Do not email or call with questions on the status of your application. You may track your status by accessing the UGA Graduate School online tracking system at:
  • Once a decision has been made on your application, you will be contacted by the UGA Graduate School. The department is unable to answer question related to an applicant's admission status.
  1. Information requested by the UGA Graduate School Admissions should be sent to their attention,

  2. Financial Aid may be available for MS students. For questions on Financial Aid, please contact the UGA Financial Aid Office.

  3. Use the UGA Graduate School online recommendation form for your letters. Applicant needs three (3) letters of recommendation.
  • The names and e-mail addresses of recommenders who are familiar with the applicant's professional and/or academic work should be listed in the on-line Graduate School application by the applicant. Recommenders will receive a link to access a secure page in order to submit the recommendation via the Web. If the recommender does not have access to email, please send an email to requesting a “Letter of recommendation” form.

  • The faculty in the Regulatory Affairs Program will not provide letters of recommendation to applicants applying to any of the Regulatory Affairs programs.
  1. Use caution if sending any information by email. Email servers are not always secure to handle sensitive information like social security numbers.

  2. The GRE is the required test for consideration for admission into the MS Program. There are no exceptions. No other test scores can be substituted for the GRE. For admission decisions, we require only the quantitative and verbal scores of the General Test. The submitted GRE scores must be no more than 5 years old. If older than that, you must retake the test and submit your newer scores.

    A combined (verbal and quantitative) GRE score of 300 is preferred for the newer test. However, GRE scores are assessed in relation to other factors such as GPA, background and interview for determination of admission and we welcome applications of all qualified persons with a sincere interest in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Regulatory Affairs.

    In some cases, an applicant may wave the GRE requirement. Under certain circumstances, such as an existing graduate degree or significant work-related experience in the health product industry, a waiver of the GRE requirement may be considered. This page outlines the policy on applying for this exemption.

    For additional information on the GRE test, you may check the GRE website at or call 1-800-GRE-CALL. Also, University Testing Services has information on their site: or you can call them at 706-542-3183.

THE APPLICATION PROCESS (a two-step process)

(Remember to start this application process at least months prior to the deadline listed.)

Step I. Complete Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Program Application

Provide the Department with:

  1. Personal Information Profile: Submit the two-page Personal Information Profile found in the Regulatory Affairs Graduate Education Program Application document.
  2. Statement of Purpose: Submit a statement of purpose - 1 page in length to address the applicant's interest in this program and the profession.
  3. Resume: Professional résumé outlining applicant's regulatory affairs experience.
  4. Interview: Schedule your Departmental Interview. Each MS applicant is required to interview with the Department prior to consideration for Admission. The applicant is responsible for scheduling his/her interview with the Department and assuring the interview is complete PRIOR to the deadline.

Step II. Complete the UGA Graduate School Application as Degree seeking student

Provide the UGA Graduate School with:

  1. GRE Scores: Official GRE Scores within 5 years. Provide the UGA Graduate School with the official copy of your GRE scores. These scores will then be provided to the department for evaluation.
  2. Application: Graduate School application - The Graduate School will accept only online applications.
  3. Recommendation letters: Three (3) letters of recommendation - Use the UGA Graduate School online form for these letters of recommendation.
  4. Fee: An application fee
  5. Transcripts: For domestic and international applicants only, send two (2) official copies of academic transcript from each institution awarding you a degree. They must be in sealed envelopes from awarding institution. Send these transcripts directly to the UGA Graduate School.

Allow 10-14 working days for receipt and processing of these materials by the Graduate School Admissions Office.

Hints to filling out Graduate School Application:Online Application: Our Masters Program's major code is MS_PHRM_GWON (Thesis option) or MS_PHRM_GONT (Non-thesis option). Please select MS_PHAR_GWON / MS_PHAR_GWNT, MS in Pharmacy with an emphasis in Regulatory Affairs as your intended major of study. Then select MS degree as your Intended Degree of Study. The University of Georgia will admit students based on admission criteria set by the university. Applicants must be accepted by the Graduate School. Applicants are responsible for providing for all the necessary application materials required by the Graduate School. These include: general application for admission, the application fee, transcripts, and entrance test scores.

Remember to review the Distance Learning Self-assessment to find out if you are a good candidate for online learning.

Transitioning from Certificate to MS Program

If you are transitioning to the MS program from a certificate program, you will need to do the following:

A. Provide the UGA Graduate School with:

1) Application: Graduate School Application - Each student who wants to change from non-degree to degree-seeking must submit a new application for the desired degree program. To submit a new application, go to As current students in a graduate program, there is a application fee.

2) Recommendation Letter(s): A total of three recommendation letters are required. If you are transitioning from either the RA or CT Certificate programs, one additional letter of recommendation is required so that you have a total of three on file. Use the UGA Graduate School online recommendation request form. If you already have two letters on file, for the 2nd & 3rd recommendation form fields, simply enter your email address to complete those required fields.

  • All recommendation letters must be complete and submitted by the deadline in order for the applicant to be considered.

3) Transcripts: Two (2) official copies of academic transcript from each higher education institution awarding you a degree if those transcripts are NOT on file with the department.

4) GRE: Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores - scores must be no more than 5 year old.

Allow 10-14 working days for receipt and processing of these materials by the Graduate School Admissions Office.

To contact the UGA Graduate School -


B. Provide the Department with:

1) Statement of Purpose: An updated statement of purpose addressing why you want to enroll in this MS program.

2) Resume: An updated resume if applicable.

3) Interview: Schedule a departmental interview. Each MS applicant is required to interview with the department prior to consideration for admission. The applicant is responsible for scheduling his/her interview with the Department and assuring the interview is complete PRIOR to the deadline. You may contact the Regulatory Affairs Office by email at or by phone at 678-985-6809.

For a review of the MS classes, click here.

UGA Graduate School Policy on Continuous Enrollment

The Continuous Enrollment Policy of the UGA Graduate School - This policy requires that degree-seeking graduate students must register for a minimum of three (3) hours for at least two (2) semesters in each academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer). This policy applies to all graduate students except the following:

  1. University employees on the Tuition Assistance Program; and,
  2. Students in non-degree status

As you plan your studies at the University of Georgia, please become familiar with the policy in the Graduate Bulletin at -