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Regulatory Affairs (RA) Fast Track Initiative

for Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Students interested in biomedical industries

BioPharma Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program

Eligibility and Application Procedures for GT Graduate Students

To participate in the UGA Graduate Certificate Program in Regulatory Affairs –


  • Must be a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology AND be in good academic standing as defined by Georgia Tech.
  • Must check with Georgia Tech’s Cross Registration Coordinator for detailed eligibility requirements and deadlines specific to your university.
  • Currently enrolled at Georgia Tech in at least one course at the graduate level in a program for which academic credit is awarded.
  • Meet all registration, immunization and health requirements as required at UGA.
  • Meet all application deadlines -    Fall Semester:  June 1      Spring Semester:  Nov. 1
  • Have obtained required approvals from Georgia Institute of Technology.


  • Obtain a Cross Registration Application form from GA Tech’s Cross Registration Coordinator or Complete first three sections.
  • Verify that the course(s) requested is offered at UGA. 
  • Consult with your GA Tech Academic Advisor to determine eligibility for cross registration.  Complete the Course(s) Requested section of the Cross Registration Application and have your academic advisor sign it.
  • Consult with GA Tech’s Cross Registration Coordinator and have the coordinator sign the Cross Registration Application.  GA Tech’s Cross Registration coordinator will forward the application to UGA and request approval for your cross registration. 
  • Once all approvals have been obtained, UGA's Cross Registration Coordinator will register the student for the approved course(s) on a space-available basis.  UGA’s Cross Registration Coordinator will inform the student of approval and registration status. 
  • All applicable course fees must be paid to GA Tech by the GA Tech payment deadlines.
  • The student must abide by all GA Tech and UGA institution policies and schedules regarding grades, exam dates, absences, drop/add/ withdrawal, etc.  To withdraw from a course, both GA Tech and UGA’s withdrawal procedures must be followed.  Changes in cross registration must be approved by both institutions’ cross registration coordinators.
  • Students requiring disability accommodations for the requested classes should contact GA Tech’s institution Disability Support Coordinator at the time of application in order to permit time to arrange accommodations.
  • UGA Regulatory Affairs Department Application Deadlines: 
    - Fall Semester:  June 1     - Spring Semester:  Nov. 1
  • Once all details are addressed, the student will fill out a RA Student Information Datasheet and submit that form to the UGA RA Department at regaffairs[at]


For questions or information on UGA’s RA Fast Track initiative, please contact the RA department at regaffairs[at] or 678-985-6809.

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