UGA Reg Affairs GPA Policy

Grade Point Average (GPA) Policy

The policy outlined below applies to ALL students enrolled in University of Georgia College of Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials Programs.

Certificate Students

If a student is enrolled in a certificate program (as a non-degree student) and finishes the certificate courses with a GPA of less than a 3.0, a certificate will not be awarded. 

MS Students

If a student is enrolled in the Masters of Science Degree Program with an emphasis in Regulatory Affairs and finishes the course work with a GPA of less than a 3.0, a degree will not be awarded. 

Transfer credits: No grade below B may be transferred.

General Information for ALL students

To be eligible for graduation, a student must maintain an average of 3.0 (B) both on the graduate transcript and on all courses in the program of study. No grade below C (2.0) will be accepted as part of a program of study for a graduate degree.

When a graduate course is repeated, the last grade received will be used in calculating the cumulative graduate average that is used for probation, dismissal, admission to candidacy, and graduation. Grades received in all graduate courses will be included in the graduate cumulative average.

Students with a cumulative graduate course average below 3.0 for two consecutive terms are placed on academic probation by the Graduate School. They then must make a 3.0 or higher semester graduate average each succeeding semester that their overall cumulative graduate average is below 3.0. These students are no longer on probation when their cumulative graduate average is 3.0 or above. If they make below a 3.0 semester graduate average while on probation, they are dismissed. When students repeat a graduate course, the last grade will be utilized to calculate the cumulative graduate average that is used for probation, dismissal, admission to candidacy and graduation. Grades of S, U, I, and V will not be used in calculating the cumulative graduate average. However, when a grade of I converts to F, this may result in an action of probation or dismissal for the semester in which the conversion takes place, even if the student is not registered for the semester in which it converted. When students are dismissed under the terms of this policy, they may not apply for admission to another graduate program offered by the University.

A GPA calculator is found with the Athena system. You can also use

Appealing a grade

If a student wishes to appeal a course grade, or other similar decision, they should familiarize themselves with the departmental grade appeal process and the university's policy.


GPA Info:


Use of Credit Hours

Reminder about the use of your academic credit hours at the University of Georgia:

1) Time Limit - Like all graduate credit hours, there is a Time Limit on the credit hours you accumulate. All requirements for a master’s degree must be completed within six years beginning with the first registration for courses, including the Certificate Program courses, on the student’s program of study. An extension of time may be granted only on conditions beyond the control of the student,

2) Course and resident credit used to satisfy the requirements of one degree cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of another degree. For additional information on this Graduate School policy, please visit