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UGA Regulatory Affairs News

1) The next admission is Fall Semester 2016: The deadline for domestic applications is: June 1, 2016. The deadline for international applications is Apr. 15, 2016. This includes the RA Certificate Program and MS Programs. Clinical Trials Certificate Program admits for Fall Semester only.

UGA Graduate School degree codes for our Certificate Programs (Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials certificates) may be found under “Online Certificate Programs” beginning with the title “Pharmaceutical and Biomedical  Regulatory Affairs or Clinical Trials.” Here, the degree codes needed for the certificate program required by Graduate School online application will be listed.

2) The UGA BioPharma Program is pleased to announce the 40th Annual International Good Manufacturing Practices Conference. The dates of this conference are March 7-10, 2016. Please visit the Conference's website for more details,

3) GRE Waiver Request: Under certain circumstances, such as an existing graduate degree or significant work-related experience in the health product industry, a waiver of the GRE requirement may be considered. Please select the GRE Waiver request link here to understand the policy and to access the GRE Waiver Request form.   No waiver request is guaranteed.

4) The Regulatory Affairs Department is pleased to announce its Fast Track Initiative for Graduate Students in Georgia Tech's various Engineering Programs, specifically for students interested in biomedical product development. For additional details, please review